The Specifications of a Yamaha PW80

by Rina Shah

A midsize trail motorcycle, the Yamaha PW80 is a suitable bike for young riders and those with smaller frames. A 79cc engine provides enough zip to tackle bumps, jumps and trails with ease, if the rider isn't too heavy. The PW80 is light enough that even the most inexperienced rider will find it easy to handle.


The engine on the Yamaha PW80 runs on unleaded fuel only and is a single-cylinder two-stroke. The fuel tank has a capacity of 1.29 U.S. gallons, not including a 0.29 gallon reserve. It has a manual transmission operated by a foot switch on the left side of the bike. The transmission is a three-speed. The Yamaha PW80 is air-cooled, and the engine requires two-stroke, air-cooled engine oil such as Yamalube 2-S or equivalent.


The Yamaha PW80 is started by a kick-start lever: Turn the lever's foot peg outward from the side of the bike so you can put your foot on it while mounted on the seat, then thrust the lever downward with your leg to start the engine. The kick starter is situated on the right side of the bike next to the brake pedal. The front brake lever and engine kill switch are on the right handlebar for easy access and control.


The Yamaha PW80 has a dry weight of 125.7 lbs., which is the total weight of the bike before the fuel and oil tanks have been filled. The total length of the PW80 is 60.6 inches; the bike has a width of 25.2 inches and ground clearance of 7.3 inches at the frame's lowest point, which means there is plenty of air between the bike and the ground surface. The bike is 34.6 inches high; the seat has a height of 25 inches, which puts the rider in a slightly elevated position to give her a good view of her environment when moving.

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