Yamaha YT125 Specs

by Rona Aquino

The Yamaha YT125 is a tri-moto or three-wheeler vehicle. Designed as an all-terrain vehicle, you can take this bike for a ride on rugged and hilly terrains. Although is an old, discontinued model as of 2010, this bike, which was manufactured from 1980 to 1985, is still valued by many bikers long after its discontinuation.


This Yamaha model has a 500 cc motorcycle engine with a displacement of 125 cubic centimeters. Displacement is defined as the volume displaced in the engine's cylinders as its pistons move from the bottom to the highest position in the cylinders, according to Motorcycle Specs. The YT125 is an all-terrain vehicle or ATV three-wheeler with a type 2-stroke engine. This vehicle has five-transmission speeds and an automatic clutch. The engine has an oil tank capacity of 1.4 quarts and a fuel capacity of 1.8 gallon.

Bore and Stroke

With a stroke and a bore of 56 by 50 mm, this ATV has a good performance. Engines such as this, with a shorter stroke have a good compression ratio and efficient fuel economy. Bore is the measurement of the cylinder's inside diameter in which the piston shifts up and down. The total distance of the piston's movement inside the cylinder is the stroke.

Weights and Measures

The bike's overall length is 69.7 inches with an overall width of 39.2 inches. The ground clearance measures 4.7 inches and the seat height is 27.2 inches. For tires, the front and rear measures 22- by-11- by-8-inches. This Yamaha model has a total weight of 243 lbs.

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