How to Reset the Oil Message on a Ford 500

by Tessica Cutchin

Resetting your Oil Message on your Ford 500 is a simple task after an oil change. Once your oil life has reached 15 percent, it is a good idea to take your vehicle in for an oil change or even do it yourself. The oil meter calculates the oil life based upon the number of miles driven, so it is important that you complete this in order to have an accurate reading of your oil life. Remembering to reset your oil meter ensures that you do not damage your engine by going to long without an oil change, especially if you solely rely on your oil meter as a reminder.

Step 1

Press "Setup" on your steering wheel until your display reads PRESS RESET FOR SYS CHECK.

Step 2

Press "Reset" once and the display should read OIL LIFE XX% RESET IF NEW or IF NEW OIL HOLD RESET. If you do not see either of these messages, go back to Step 1. Otherwise, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

Press and hold "Reset" until IF NEW OIL HOLD RESET is displayed only.

Press and hold "Reset" now until you see the display change to OIL LIFE SET TO 100%.

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