How to Reset a Mercedes SL Navigation System

by Krista Martin
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The Mercedes Benz SL is a luxury model car with a navigation control system. The navigation allows you to customize the vehicle to your own driving and comfort preference; however, if you want to restore it to factory settings or troubleshoot problems with the navigation system, you can do this by locating the reset function on the settings menu. Resetting the navigation menu is a fairly simple task.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button repeatedly until you see the "Settings" display. From the settings menu, you have the choice to revert to all the factory settings, or to choose from a sub-menu and reset the individual functions for the Mercedes Benz SL.

Step 2

Select "Reset" if you want to adjust all the functions, including the navigation system, to factory settings. Factory settings are the defaults set up by the manufacturer. Hold the button for about three seconds. If you want to reset just the navigation system, go to Step 4.

Step 3

Press the "Reset" button again to confirm the request. This will reset all the sub-menu functions.

Step 4

Press the up or down arrow to select a function from the sub-menu.

Step 5

Select the "Nav" menu to select from the navigation settings.

Step 6

Click "Reset" twice to reset the navigation system.

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