How to Reset the Service Indicator on a 2005 Nissan Quest

by David Clair

The 2005 Nissan Quest has a built-in, mileage-counter system that keeps track of routine-service intervals. When the count reaches 8,000 miles since the last time the indicator was reset, the service light will illuminate on the dashboard display. When routine service such as an oil change is performed at a dealership, the technician resets the service indicator. If the minivan's owner performs the service, he or she can manually reset the indicator.

Step 1

Turn the ignition to the "On" position. Do not start the engine.

Step 2

Move the joystick on the control panel to the right or left until "Maintenance Schedule" appears on the display. Press "Enter."

Step 3

Move the joystick left or right until "Reset" shows up on the display. Press the "Enter" button. The service indicator is reset.

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