How to Reset My Cadillac Fob

by Megan Mattingly-Arthur

A division of General Motors, Cadillac is an American automaker that has been producing vehicles since 1902. Prized for their classic designs and soft, roomy interiors, Cadillacs are a symbol of comfortable affluence to many owners. Many of Cadillac's luxury vehicles offer keyless entry systems to make operating the vehicle's power locks function even easier. You should perform the programming process to reset the keyless entry remote to your Cadillac after each remote or vehicle battery change.

Step 1

Close all the doors of your Cadillac securely before beginning the remote resetting process.

Step 2

Sit in the Cadillac's driver seat and insert the key into the vehicle's ignition cylinder.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Unlock" button on the power locks control panel located on the driver's side door.

Step 4

Continue to hold down the "Unlock" button while performing this step. Turn the key between the "On" and "Off" ignition positions in this order: "On," "Off," "On," "Off. Let go of the "Unlock" button and listen for the Cadillac's power locks to cycle automatically.

Step 5

Reset the keyless entry remote to your Cadillac by pressing and holding both the "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons. Release the buttons when the power locks cycle automatically, indicating that the resetting process was successful.

Step 6

Turn the ignition back to the "On" position to exit the vehicle's programming mode.

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