How to Reset the Airbag Sensor on a 745i

by Kyle Sanstrom

The 745i is BMW’s flagship sedan, carrying the most technologically advanced computer system that BMW has to offer. The 745i, like many other BMW vehicles, contains a vast network of sensors and computers that continually monitor the performance of various vehicle systems. The airbag system in a 745i is no exception to this rule, and has a dedicated standalone computer designed to operate and monitor the airbag system. When this computer detects a fault with the airbag sensor, it writes a trouble code to its memory and alerts the driver by turning on the “Service Airbag” light. Sometimes this light is illuminated due to a momentary fault with the airbag sensor. In this situation, the light and sensor can simply be reset be clearing the trouble codes from the airbag computer’s memory.


Leave the ignition in the “ON” position with the engine off.


Connect the data cable of an airbag-capable scan tool to the communications port on the 745i, mounted underneath the dashboard on the left side of the vehicle.


Enter any information that the scan tools asks for such as the year, make, model, engine size, and trim level of your vehicle.


Use the menu keys on the scan tool to go to the airbag menu. Select the option to clear the airbag computer’s memory and wait for the confirmation message from the scan tool stating that the memory is clear.


Turn on the engine and make sure that the air bag light is off.


  • check If there is a recurring problem with the airbag system instead of a momentary fluke then the airbag light will turn on again until the problem is remedied.
  • check Airbag system problems are a serious safety concern and should not be ignored. If you don’t feel qualified to fix the problem, then take your car to a qualified mechanic.

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