How to Reset an Air Bag Warning Light

by Katebo
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The airbag warning light illuminates in your vehicle when the supplemental restraint system, or SRS, malfunctions. When the light turns on, you need to immediately have the vehicle examined and repaired by a professional mechanic. Usually this requires replacement of the entire airbag unit. After it has been replaced, you can manually reset the SRS light yourself using a paperclip. No other special tools are required to do the job.

Step 1

Locate the fuse panel cover on the driver's side, on the lower part of the dashboard. Pull down on it from the top using your fingers.

Step 2

Find a yellow connector that is plugged in the panel. This is called the Supplemental Restraint System power connector.

Step 3

Remove the yellow connector from the fuse panel.

Step 4

Unfold and straighten out a paperclip and put one end into each of the SRS plug terminals.

Step 5

Put the key into the ignition and turn the vehicle to the "on" position. Make sure the engine doesn't start. This will jump the terminals, which will reset and turn off the SRS light.

Step 6

Put the power connector back into the fuse panel and close the fuse panel cover. Turn off the vehicle and wait about a minute.

Step 7

Turn on the engine. Look on the instrument cluster to verify that the SRS light is off.

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