How to Reset the Change Oil Indicator on a 2005 Lincoln Town Car

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The 2005 Lincoln Town Car utilizes Ford's Oil Minder system. This system analyzes the quality of your engine oil by considering mileage and engine-operating conditions since your last service. The system has three displays: "Oil-Life Percentage," "Change Oil Soon" and "Change Oil Now." The message displayed depends on the quality of your engine oil and how long it's been since your last service. After changing the oil, the system requires resetting or the message will continue to display.


Press the button labeled "Mode" several times, until "Oil Life," "Change Oil Soon" or "Change Oil Now" shows on your control panel. The engine must be running or the key must be turned to "On" to operate the system.


Press and hold the button labeled "Mode" for five seconds. The display changes to "Reset for New Oil Life."


Press and hold the button labeled "Reset" for two seconds. The display changes to "Reset" or "Oil Life 100 percent."


  • If you don't press and hold "Reset" within one minute of "Reset for New Oil Life" displaying, you'll have to start over.

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