How to Reprogram Keyless Entry

by Matthew Fortuna

With one click of a button, keyless entry allows you to control your pre-driving experience. Some keyless entry systems allow you to change your radio channels, pre-set your seat position and alter the heat; others allow you to start your engine, sound your horn, pop your trunk and lock or unlock your doors. These simple keyless remote systems can be purchased standard with your vehicle, or can be obtained from an automotive parts store after your purchase the car. After installation, your remote can be easily reprogrammed if it is broken, loses its signal or needs to be replaced.


Enter your car. Close the door behind you and be sure that all of the other doors and the trunk are closed.


Insert the key into the ignition. Turn the key two clicks to the right, to the "On" position.


Press and release either the "Lock" or the "Unlock" button on your remote.


Turn the key back to the "Off" position and then back again to the "On" position. Again press the "Lock" or the "Unlock" button.


Repeat Step 4 two more times.


Listen for the locks to cycle.


Press the lock button on each remote that you would like to program at this point (you can program up to three remotes on most vehicles). Program each remote within ten seconds of the last, and wait for the locks to cycle to move on to the next remote.

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