How to Program a Keyless Entry for a Jeep

by Matthew Fortuna

With any Jeep automobile manufactured since the late 1990s, a keyless entry remote has come standard. These remotes allow for easy access to the car, locking and unlocking features, trunk opening, panic alarms and often a start for the car. These remotes can be programmed for any Jeep at home and without any past knowledge.

Step 1

Enter your Jeep and make sure all of the doors and the trunk are closed.

Step 2

Put your key in the Jeep's ignition and keep the key in the off position.

Step 3

Open the driver's door on the automobile and leave the door open.

Step 4

Move the switch on the door to the lock position while the door is open.

Step 5

Switch the key in the ignition two clicks to the right to the "On" position.

Step 6

Press the lock button on your keyless remote for your Jeep and hold the button for 5 seconds. Release the button and remove the key from the ignition to complete the programming.

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