How to Reprogram a Toyota Avalon After a Battery Change

by Paul Dohrman
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If your Avalon’s battery is disconnected or loses too much charge, you will have to address several systems that may no longer be working. Some functions are not a matter of reprogramming, though. A battery disconnection will reset the trip meter readings to zero; these readings are not recoverable. Fortunately, a disconnection does not erase the memory of the push-button start function. Upon battery reconnection, the malfunction indicator light will turn on, which can prevent your car from passing its next emissions inspection. The light will turn off only after several driving trips.

Step 1

Reprogram the power windows and their jam prevention function to work again, if they no longer function, by holding down the power window button to lower the window halfway then pulling up the window button to close it. Do this for the power window switches for both front doors.

Step 2

Reprogram the electric moon roof and its jam prevention function to work again, if they no longer function, by pushing and holding the switch on the “Tilt Up” side until the moon roof tilts all the way up and then down a little.

Step 3

Reset the seat and side mirror positions after a battery disconnection erases them from memory. Do so by setting the mirror and seat, then pressing the button marked “1” or “2” while holding down the “Set” button.

Step 4

Reset the clock, which will flash 1:00 after a battery disconnection. Press “H” to reset the hours and “M” to reset the minutes.

Step 5

Calibrate the compass built into the upper-right corner of the rearview mirror by holding the compass button (an “N” with two crossing lines) until your zone number appears. Determine your zone number by looking at the map in the owner’s manual. Press the compass button until a “C” appears. Then drive in a circle three times at 5 mph or less in an uncongested area. The compass will automatically orient as a result of the circling.

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