GM Homelink Programming Instructions for a Hummer H3

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Hummer H3 comes standard with the Homelink system. This system consists of a transmitter and a small control panel that you can program to your home's garage door. This allows you to open your garage door without carrying around your remote transmitter. The Homelink system has three buttons. You can program one garage door to each button; however, you must repeat the entire procedure for each button you are programming.

Step 1

Grab your garage door's remote transmitter and park your Hummer H3 in the driveway.

Step 2

Turn the engine on. Push and hold the two outside buttons on the Homelink control panel. Hold the buttons for 20 seconds, then release them at the same time.

Step 3

Hold your remote transmitter about an inch from the Homelink control panel. Determine which Homelink button you want to program to the garage door. Push the button at the same time as the remote transmitter "Open" button.

Step 4

Wait for the indicator light on the Homelink control panel to start flashing slowly, then rapidly. When it flashes rapidly, release both buttons.

Step 5

Push the programmed button on the H3's Homelink control panel. See if the garage door opens or closes. If it doesn't, you'll need to continue with the programming process.

Step 6

Find the "Learn" button on your garage door motor. Push the button. Immediately run back to your Hummer H3 and push the Homelink button you are programming to the door. Hold it for two seconds. The Homelink button should now open and close the garage door.

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