How to Program an Acura Garage Door Opener

by Editorial Team

You can easily program the three HomeLink buttons installed as features on certain Acura car models to open any garage door or automated gate. Programming the buttons saves you the hassle of trying to keep track of your remote openers and allows for direct access. You can configure the HomeLink console in your Acura to work with your garage door in less than five minutes with these instructions.

Step 1

Complete Step 1 if you're programming the buttons for the first time; otherwise, skip to Step 2.

Hold down the first and third HomeLink buttons in the overhead area for 20 seconds to delete any factory-programmed defaults. The light in the HomeLink symbol flashes upon completion.

Step 2

Hold your remote control garage opener within range (four to 12 inches) of the HomeLink console. The necessary programming distance between the console and the remote can vary, so keep the remote steady for 15 seconds before you decide to change the distance.

Step 3

Hold down both the HomeLink button you want programmed and the button of your garage door opener. Keep both buttons pressed simultaenously until the indicator light in the HomeLink symbol flashes quickly. This should take around 30 seconds. Release both buttons. The HomeLink button is now configured to work with your garage door. Repeat the procedure for any other buttons you want to program.

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