How to Report the Location of a Car to the Repo Man

by Dustin Hill
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Repossession agents--or repo men--collect vehicles that are collateral for loans that are in default or past due. If you don't want the repossession agent coming onto your property without your knowledge, you can make arrangements with the company to have the vehicle picked up. Often, if you assist an agent in the recovery of the vehicle, the agent will provide positive comments to your lender. Those comments can help in future negotiations with the lender or on matters related to your credit score. Finding the proper repossession agent to collect your vehicle usually takes only a quick search.

Step 1

Note your license plate number. Most repossession agents will want to match your license plate number with the number on the vehicle they are seeking to collect.

Step 2

Contact the bank or finance company that provided the loan for your vehicle. Once you tell the lender that you are ready to turn the car over to a repossession agent, the company will have the agent contact you. Contact information for your lender often can be found on the monthly statement that is sent to you.

Step 3

Search the phone book. If you are unable to contact your lender, look in the telephone directory to find repossession agents in your area. Tell the agent your name and vehicle information to determine if he has been hired to collect your vehicle. Repossession agents often can be found under the categories of towing and recovery services, repossession agents or auto recovery.

Step 4

Access an online database. If a local search proves unsuccessful, often professional organizations such as the American Recovery Association have online databases that list licensed repossession companies in your area.

Step 5

Ask for documentation. Before turning your vehicle over to a repossession company, insist on documentation that shows the company has been hired by your lender to collect the vehicle. Keep a copy of the documentation for your files.

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