How to Locate a Towed Vehicle

by Cameron Holmes
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Panic and anxiety will definitely set in if you walk out of a vicinity to then notice your car is gone. If you have determined it not stolen, you could have been in violation of a city parking code, thus having it impounded. More than likely, the business establishment where the car was towed from will be able to provide the tow company's contact information. If it can't, then there are a few methods you can take to quickly locate your car.

Step 1

Ask which towing company the place of business uses when cars are in violation. This way, you will have enough information to be able to contact them, to inquire about your towed vehicle.

Step 2

Visit the city's towed vehicle locator website, as most cities have one. In order to look up the towed vehicle online, you will need the vehicle's VIN number and/or license plate number.

Step 3

Contact the city's information hotline by dialing 311. This number comes in handy if you do not know your VIN or license plate number off hand. Provide your name, the make and model, insurance policy, car year or in some cases, your driver's license number, so that the operator can find the precise company that impounded your vehicle manually.

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