How to Report the Location of a Car for Repossession

by Owen E. Richason IV

Repossession is the act of, "taking back of property by a lender or seller from the borrower or buyer, usually due to default," according to Investor In general, when a consumer-borrower applies of an automobile loan, the title is held by the lender until the loan is fully amortized. This is known as a secured loan, because the automobile is considered collateral. If the borrower does not make scheduled payments, the lender can seize or repossess the collateral.

Step 1

Contact the repossession agency. If you know the name of the repossessing agency, phone it and provide the car's location. Or send a letter to the repossession agency describing the location of the vehicle.

Step 2

Phone the lender and disclose the location of the collateral automobile. If you know the lender's business name, look up the company's number and address in the phone book. Phone the bank or credit union and tell the representative the loan is in default and give the car's location.

Step 3

Call the local sheriff. If the borrower is attempting to conceal the vehicle, give the sheriff's department the make, model and license plate number. In some instances of concealment or a lack of cooperation by the borrower, the repossession agency will have the sheriff's department enforce the repossession.

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