Replacement Instructions for a Toyota Outside Door Handle

by Chris Moore

The outside door handle on most Toyota vehicles is built into the door as part of an assembly that also contains the door lock cylinder. These two components may be included in one or two pieces of the assembly. Replacing an outer door handle on a Toyota, like many other vehicles, involves getting into the door from the inside. This process may be different depending on the exact year and model of your Toyota vehicle.


Step 1

Raise the door window as far as it will go.

Step 2

Remove the door's inner trim panel, prying off the power controls and disconnecting their electrical connectors, prying off all trim bezels, removing all screws and prying the panel off its clips with your trim stick.

Step 3

Disconnect the plastic clips that connects the actuating rods for the latch to the door lock.

Step 4

Detach the rubber access plug on the edge of the door and loosen the bolt behind the plug using a Torx wrench. This bolt holds the lock cylinder and handle in place; you should not need to completely remove it.

Slide the door handle toward the rear of the vehicle and pull it out. The lock cylinder's holder will remain in place on some models; otherwise, remove the cylinder from the assembly.


Step 1

Insert the old lock cylinder into the replacement handle if needed.

Step 2

Insert and slide the handle into position on the door and tighten the Torx screw to fasten it in place. Replace the plug for the screw.

Step 3

Reconnect the actuating rod to the lock cylinder using the plastic clips.

Reconnect the inner trim panel using its clips and screws and reconnect the trim bezels and power controls.

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