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How to Replace Your Turn Signal Relay in a Lincoln Navigator

by Contributor

The Lincoln Navigator is possibly one of the largest sport utility vehicles on the market. It certainly is near the top in price. One nice feature about this vehicle is that some of the more routinely repaired components are easy to access and replace. The turn signal relay is one of these parts. A few minutes and you can change the relay and be on your way.

Step 1

Locate the electronic module that houses the relays. The Navigator has a set of relays that are all connected in a strip module.

Step 2

Search for the module above the accelerator pedal under the dash. The module is directly above the visible diagnostic tool connector. The module is a rectangular black box with a snap lid. It will be easier if you remove the module before trying to remove the relay.

Step 3

Find the metal support that the module mounts onto and slide the module down. Once the module is free of the support, bring it out into the open. When the module is out in the open the lid will be easy to remove.

Step 4

Remove the turn signal relay and replace it with the new one. Place the lid back on the module and slide it back up the support arm.

Start the Navigator and check all the lights, especially the turn signals.

Items you will need

  • New replacement turn signal relay

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