How to Replace Your Turn Signal Relay in a Chevy Corvette

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Given the sleek lines of the Chevy Corvette it is no wonder that it has become a classic among sports cars. Routine maintenance of your Corvette will include changing the lights or flasher on it sometime in the life of the car. Not all vehicles make it easy for you to change these items and the Corvette is one of them.

Locate the hazard light push button on the dash. The hazard flasher is located behind this button. Access the flasher by either removing the dash from the Corvette or you can perform an alternate method of getting to the flasher through the hole used to mount the radio.

Remove the trim and panel from around the radio. Locate the hex nuts holding the radio in place and back these off the mounting studs. The radio will pull straight out of the mounting hole and give you access to the area behind the hazard push button.

Press in on the thin metal tabs at the sides of the radio to pull it out of the hole. Carefully ease the radio out of the hole but stop as the back of the radio reaches the dash.

Disconnect the wires for the radio connections by disconnecting the modular connectors on the back of the radio. Set the radio aside and reach your hand up inside the dash and over to the position of the push button. Directly behind the push button you will find a flasher plugged into a socket.

Disconnect the flasher and replace it with a new one. Remove your hand and reconnect the radio to the modular connectors removed in step four. Tighten the hex bolts down on the mounting studs and replace the panel and trim.

Check the fuses for the turn signals and then check the lights just to be certain they are all good. Start the Corvette and check all the lights including the hazard lights. All should work as good as new.

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