How to Replace a Toyota Sienna Mirror

by Jody L. Campbell

Side-view mirrors get bumped and thumped, and sometimes have to be replaced. Toyota Siennas usually feature heated, power mirrors, which are expensive to replace. Save money by replacing a mirror yourself. More affordable aftermarket mirrors can be found on online auctions, or auto parts stores.

How to Replace a Toyota Sienna Mirror

Step 1

Open the door and power the window all the way to the down position. Turn the ignition to on, and remove the keys from the ignition to prevent accidental powering on.

Step 2

Remove the triangular molding located at the front of the door panel that covers the mirror. Gently pry it off with a flathhead screwdriver. There are three nuts holding the mirror to the door, but do not remove them yet.

Step 3

Locate the single screw inside the cup of the door handle and remove it, using the Phillips head screwdriver. Use a flathead screwdriver to gently pry the handle from the door panel. Place the screwdriver on the right side of the handle to pull outward. There is a rod inside the door that will disconnect from the handle.

Step 4

With the flathead screwdriver, pull the control panel off of the armrest of the door panel. There is a spring clip beneath the control panel that will disengage and free the control panel from the armrest. Unplug the wire harnesses beneath the control panel. Remove the armrest by pulling up on it.

Step 5

Locate and remove the two door panels with the Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 6

Unsnap the door panel, starting at the bottom, from the door. Work your way all around the bottom and both side of the door panel until it is free. Lift the panel up to remove it from the door. Unplug the wire harnesses behind the door panel, and set it aside.

Step 7

Find the mirror wire harness in the door cavity and unplug it. Use the flathead screwdriver to press the lock clip of the plug inward to unlock it and separate it.

Step 8

Remove the three retaining nuts from the studs of the mirror, and gently but firmly take the mirror from the door.

Step 9

Insert the new mirror onto the door, and replace and tighten the nuts. Be sure to tuck the wire harness for the mirror into the designated hole in the door. Plug the wire harness back into the outlet.

Step 10

Replace the door panel by reversing the door panel removal steps. Test the power to the mirror.

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