How to Replace Rear Speakers in a 2000 Grand Prix

by Nichole Liandi

If the speakers on your 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix are broken, or just are not giving you the sound quality you want, replacing them is the obvious answer. But if you haven't changed speakers in a car before you may find yourself just a bit intimidated by the process. There's no need to worry. The rear speakers in your Pontiac are readily accessible if you've got a little bit of time and a few basic tools in your toolbox.

Step 1

Reach under the front edge of the rear seat and grasp the two rings--one on either side of the seat. Pull the rings forward to release and remove the cushion. Take the cushion out of the car.

Step 2

Loosen and remove the two 10 mm and two 18 mm nuts located underneath the lower edge of the seat-back cushion. Slide the seat-back cushion upwards and then pull it forward to remove. Take the cushion out of the car.

Step 3

Insert the narrow edge of your panel tool underneath the edges of the retaining clips on the front edge of the rear deck. The clips are round plastic buttons. Pry the clips out with the panel tool.

Step 4

Pull the rear-deck panel forward to remove and take it out of the car.

Step 5

Loosen and remove the four Phillips screws on the perimeter of each speaker on the rear deck. Pull the speakers out of the deck and unplug the connector on the back of each speaker.

Step 6

Plug your new speakers in and replace them in the deck. Test the speakers, then screw them in place and reassemble the rear deck and seat cushions.

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