How to Change Stock Car Speakers on a Chevrolet Impala

by Nichole LiandiUpdated September 19, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Panel tool

  • Torx T-30 driver

  • Torx T-15 driver

  • 10 mm wrench

Chevrolet's Impala sedan has two pairs of factory installed speakers--one pair in the front doors, and the other pair mounted in the rear deck. Replacing the existing factory installed speakers is a cost-effective and relatively simple way to improve the audio performance of the stock stereo system and is often done by do-it-yourself audio enthusiasts. You'll need some simple hand tools and an afternoon to do the job.

Front Door Speakers

Locate then remove the Phillips head screw from the upper front edge of the door panel with a Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the Phillips head screw from the trim behind the door release handle with the Phillips head screwdriver. Pry out the door release trim with the tip of a panel tool.

Remove the two Torx T-30 screws from the bottom of the door pull cup. Lift out the door pull cup and power switch panel. Remove the two Torx T-30 screws from underneath the cup and switch panel.

Pry around the sides and bottom of the door panel with the panel tool. Remove the panel once it's loose.

Remove the four Torx T-15 screws holding the speaker in place. Pull out the speaker and unplug the wires connected to the back.

Plug the new speaker into the wires and test its operation. Secure the speaker in the door with the Torx screws, then replace the door panel and trim. Repeat for the other door.

Rear Deck Speakers

Lift firmly on the bottom rear seat cushion and remove it. Remove the two 10 mm nuts from below the bottom of the rear seat back cushion with a 10 mm wrench.

Fold the back cushion down and remove the four 10 mm bolts from the panel behind the cushion with the 10 mm wrench. Remove the panel. Place the seat back cushion upright then pull upwards on it to remove it from the vehicle.

Pry out the three round plastic clips from the front edge of the rear deck panel with the panel tool. Lift the deck panel and bow it towards the center. Slide out the panel.

Press in on the plastic clips on the sides of the factory speaker bracket to release the speaker and its bracket. Unplug the speaker from the speaker wires then unscrew the four Torx T-15 screws holding it in the bracket. Lift the speaker out.

Screw the new speaker into the bracket, plug in the wiring and replace the bracket into the rear deck. Test the speakers then replace the rear deck panel and seat cushions.


Panel tools can be purchased from most auto parts stores.

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