How to Install Speakers in a Ford Taurus

by Gregory Crews

Installing a speaker in your Ford Taurus is a very straightforward procedure as Taurus has already set the desired spots for installing speakers. Upgrading your stereo would require you to step up to a higher amperage speaker. You can purchase specialty speakers from any electronics store. They will be more than happy to assist you in obtaining the sound quality desired for your Ford Taurus.

Removing an Existing Speaker

Step 1

Isolate the electrical system. Remove the negative terminal from the battery.

Step 2

Locate the spot where the factory speakers were installed. You may have to remove the old speaker before installing a new one.

Step 3

Pry off the speaker cover with a flathead screwdriver. The cover will pop out, exposing the old speaker.

Step 4

Unscrew the hardware holding the speaker in place. There will be four Phillips head screws centered around the speaker.

Step 5

Pull the speaker out slightly to access the wiring harness to the speaker. Unplug the wiring by pulling the harness clip. There will be a locking tab holding the harness in. Pull the tabs out to slide the harness out.

Step 6

Pull the speaker out manually. Ensure the wiring harness is accessible for the new speaker.

Installing a Speaker

Step 1

Connect the wiring harness to the new speaker. The harness should just slide onto the new connector.

Step 2

Place the new speaker in the door. Ensure the screw holes line up to the holes on the designated spot.

Step 3

Tighten the screws down to hold the speaker in place. Tighten all the screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 4

Snap the cover in place. Test the speaker by turning on the radio.

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