How to Replace Jeep Cherokee Hinge Pins

by Scott Rogers

A common problem with Jeep Cherokees is the failure of the door hinges in models dating from 1997 and earlier. Usually this is caused by either a passenger or the driver of the vehicle failing to catch the door as it opens, or throwing open the door in an aggressive manner. The door will then fling open a full 180 degrees, ruining the hinges. Luckily you can install new hinge pins after just a few hours of work and get your Jeep Cherokee back on the road.

Place a layer of masking tape around the edge of the damaged door and fender, and then follow this layer up with a layer of duct tape. This will protect the paint on the door from chipping. Placing the masking tape first will ensure that you won't have to spend any extra time once you are finished with the repairs cleaning off any adhesive residue, which the duct tape would leave behind.

Remove the damaged door from the vehicle. You will need to remove the four bolts and the wiring harness which connect the door to the Cherokee first. Remove the wiring harness by disconnecting the flexible hose from the plastic container, which it is connected to. Press on the clips that connects the plastic retainer, and remove it.

Place some support under the door or find someone to assist you in holding the door steady as you continue to remove it. Remove the four visible bolts holding the door to the Jeep. Pull the door back, and disconnect the wire harness.

Remove the old hinge pins. Using a metal punch and a hammer, knock the lower pin out first. Then do the same for the upper hinge. You will also need to remove the bushings of each of the hinges. Knock the two damaged bushings out of the hinge, then use a hammer to tap the new bushings into the hinge.

Hammer the new pins into the hinge. Begin by gently tapping the pins, and then once they are in tightly you will have to hammer fairly hard. Then repeat these steps for the upper hinge. Reattach the door. Get some help in stabilizing the door once again, reattach the four bolts, then the plastic hose, and then finely the wiring container. Remove the tape, and check to see if the door is operational.


  • check You can purchase the new hinges and bushings at your local auto parts store.
  • check You may need to use a grinding wheel on a die grinder to remove the damaged pins. Grind down the hinge to weaken the pins and then knock the pins out with a hammer as usual.

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