The Rear Hatch Won't Open on My Jeep Liberty

by Zyon Silket

If you have attempted to open the rear hatch on your Jeep Liberty by pulling up on the latch and it won't open, make sure the hatch is not locked by pressing the unlock button on your key fob. If the hatch still does not open, the latch likely broke inside the door where the latch actuator arm attaches to it.

Step 1

Remove the inside plastic panel from the backside of the rear hatch door. The panel snaps into place. You can remove the cover by pulling it off the hatch door.

Step 2

Locate the latch actuator arm through an access hole in the rear sheet metal of the hatch door. The latch is made of pop metal. It's a soft metal and prone to breaking if pulled on too hard.

Step 3

Pull the C-clip off the actuator arm where the arm goes into latch. The arm is likely not attached to the latch at this time. Pull the broken piece of the latch off the actuator arm.

Step 4

Remove the two bolts that secure the latch to the outside of the door hatch with a wrench and pull the broke latch free from the door. Place the new latch inside the door and secure it using the two bolts and the wrench.

Step 5

Push the actuator arm into the side of the door latch and secure it by replacing the C-clip.

Step 6

Place the rear door panel onto the hatch door and press the clips into place.

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