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How to Replace the Ignition Coil in a Pontiac Grand Am

by Contributor

Even though all engines types that Pontiac uses in the Grand Am utilize a distributorless ignition system (DIS), the replacement process varies by engine type. In some cases, the variation may be the location of the ignition coil. At other times, the process could require more complex steps.

Replace the Ignition Coil in a 2.4L Engine

Step 1

Take off the 11-pin IDI/ICM harness connector.

Step 2

Separate the ignition coil module assembly from the engine.

Step 3

Uncover the housing by removing the fasteners that secure the housing cover to the housing. You can remove these with a screwdriver, wrench or ratchet and socket set. Once you have the cover off, disconnect the coil harness connector, the Grand Am ignition coil, the contacts and the seals.

Install the new Grand Am ignition coil and replace the engine components.

Install a New Grand Am Ignition Coil in a 3.1L or 3.4L Engine

Step 1

Label and disconnect the spark plug wires from the ignition coil.

Step 2

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the ignition coil to the ignition control module. There should be two screws per ignition coil.

Step 3

Pull out the old ignition coil and insert the new one.

Reassemble the parts, using the reverse order in which you dismantled them.


  • Always detach the ground battery cable before you do work on the engine. Failure to do so may cause engine fires or electrocution.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver, wrench or ratchet and socket set
  • Grand Am ignition coil
  • Screwdriver

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