How to Replace a Hummer's Tail Light Bulb

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

General Motors discontinued the Hummer brand in early 2010. GM made two SUV models, the H2 and the H3, as well as a truck version of the H3 called the H3T. The process for replacing tail light bulbs is the same in all models. If you have a burnt-out tail light bulb, you may need to replace the brake light, the reverse light or the turn signal. The procedure to replace each of the bulbs is the same.

Open the Hummer's rear swing gate. This will expose the edge of the vehicle's tail light assembly. You'll see two small Phillips head screws that hold the tail light assembly in place. Put on your gloves.

Remove the two screws from the tail light assembly. Pull the tail light out and inspect the back for two bulbs. The top bulb is the brake light and turn signal. The bottom bulb is the reverse bulb. Determine which bulb you need to replace.

Rotate the bulb's socket counterclockwise to disconnect it. Unplug the bulb from its socket.

Push the replacement bulb into its socket firmly. Insert the socket back into the tail light. Turn it clockwise to secure it in place.

Place the tail light into its cradle. Hold it with one hand and replace the Phillips head screws with the other.


  • check All of the tail light bulbs in Hummer vehicles use bulb number 3157K, with the exception of the Hummer truck model (H3T) which uses bulb number W16W for the reverse light.


  • close Wearing gloves prevents you from fouling out the replacement bulbs. Your skin oil is harmful to the halogen bulbs.

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