How to Change a Tail Light on a Jeep Liberty

by Larry Parr

Bulbs burn out over time. There's no way around this fact. And if that bulb is part of the tail light of your Jeep Liberty you'd better replace it---and pronto! Driving around with a burned-out tail light could make you eligible for an expensive ticket, plus the time involved in proving that you have made the repair. When replacing a tail light in a Jeep Liberty, make sure that you have the proper bulb that was designed to replace the tail light in your particular model and year of Liberty.

Step 1

Inspect the tail light and determine which bulb(s) need to be replaced. There are three bulbs in the tail light and in all probability, only one of them needs to be replaced. Determine which one.

Step 2

Open the tailgate. This will reveal two screws set in the side of the tail light assembly. In most cases, these screws will have a star-shaped head that requires a T-15 island wrench. Remove both screws.

Step 3

Wiggle the plastic tail light cover. It should come off easily. You will see wires leading to the back-side of three light bulb sockets.

Step 4

Determine which of the bulbs is the bad bulb (from Step1). Grab the base of the bad bulb and twist counter-clockwise until the bulb assembly lifts straight out.

Step 5

Turn the bulb assembly so the bulb faces you. Gently push the bulb down into the socket and give it a 1/4 counter clockwise turn and then release the pressure on the bulb. The bulb will pop out.

Step 6

Push the new bulb down into the socket and turn it a quarter turn in a clockwise direction. It will now be locked in place. Turn the assembly over and insert the bulb and the assembly back into the bulb holder and turn clockwise until the bulb is locked in place. Replace the plastic cover and its two mounting screws.

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