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How to Replace a Horn in a VW Passat

by Contributor

The VW Passat is a family car that has been made in six designs since 1973. It may carry a badge with other names such as the Carat, Corsar, Dasher, Magotan, Quantum and Santana. Many VW Passat enthusiasts are dissatisfied with the sound of the original equipment manufacturer's horn and choose to replace it. You'll need only a few tools to complete this straightforward job.

Step 1

Remove the passenger fog light cover with a Phillips screwdriver. Unplug and remove the fog light.

Step 2

Locate both original manufacturer's horns behind the passenger side fog light. VW Passat models have one low tone and one high tone horn so you will need to identify the one that you need if you are only replacing one horn. Unbolt them from the car with a socket wrench and unplug the power connectors. Remove the two horns.

Step 3

Unbolt the horns from the car with a socket wrench and unplug the power connectors. Remove the two horns.

Step 4

Mount the new horns with the attachments that came in the kit. You should be able to simply mount the new horns in the old brackets if your kit is a direct factory replacement. Some custom horn kits include air compressors that may require you to install the horns in a non-standard location.

Step 5

Plug the wiring harnesses into the new horns if they are compatible to retain the factory wiring. Some aftermarket horn kits may include a custom wiring harness that you will need to connect to your car's original wiring using a wire/crimper splitter.

Test the new horns to ensure they work. Be aware that horns that use a compressor will be extremely loud.

Items you will need

  • New horn kit
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Wire crimper/stripper
  • Socket wrench set

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