How to Change a Car Horn

by Jule Pamplin

We use it to say "Hi," to say "Bye" and to say "Watch it, buddy!" It's the horn on your vehicle---ready to give a "Beep-beep!" at the press of the button. Eventually, if you have your vehicle long enough, you'll have to have the horn replaced. While it doesn't take an auto mechanic to perform this simple task, having a professional change could cost hundreds of dollars. With a few easy steps, you can do it yourself.

How to Change a Car Horn

Step 1

Check the fuses for the horn. If this is not an elective replacement, checking the fuses might save time and money replacing the horn.

Step 2

Disconnect the ground wire from the battery. The ground wire is the black wire extending from the battery to the frame of the vehicle.

Step 3

Locate the car's horn. The horn is found under the hood in one of three places usually: near (almost touching) the car's battery, above the left or right wheel-well or near the front grille. Make sure that the replacement horn, if aftermarket, will fit into your vehicle as the old horn did. If the new horn is substantially larger than the old horn, you may need to find another mounting location.

Step 4

Disconnect the power supply wire from the rear of the horn. Then place it into the replacement horn.

Step 5

Mount the horn to the vehicle. Again, if you need to find another location, you will need to not only attach the horn, you will need to remove and replace the entire mounting bracket. The removal of the bracket will require a screwdriver (kind varies, usually Phillips). You may also need to prepare receiving holes for the remounting.

Step 6

Reconnect the battery grounding wire. Test the horn.

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