How to Replace a Horn in a Ford Explorer

by Editorial Team

The Ford Explorer is a mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle made since 1991. The fourth generation was introduced in 2006. It is closely related to the Mercury Mountaineer. Ford Explorer owners frequently wish to replace the Original Equipment Manufacturer horn with a much louder aftermarket horn. This is a fairly straightforward task; you'll need only a few tools.

Step 1

Locate the horns by sliding under the front of your SUV. The Ford Explorer has high and low tone horns that are both under the driver's side headlight behind the front bumper.

Step 2

Access the horns by removing the splash shield. You will need to unscrew two bolts with an 8mm socket wrench. If you are only replacing one horn, ensure the new horn has the right tone.

Step 3

Unplug the power connectors and remove the single mounting bolt on the horn with the socket wrench.

Step 4

Take out the original horns and mount the new horns using the bolts and washers in the kit and the original mounting holes, if possible. Ensure you have one low tone and one high tone horn if you buy the horns separately.

Step 5

Plug in the power connectors to each new horn if you are installing factory replacements. If the original harness is not compatible with the new horns, you will need to use your wire crimper/stripper to connect the original wiring to the new harnesses.

Step 6

Test the new horns. They should make a highly discordant sound if they are both working. You can test each horn separately by plugging one in at a time.

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