How to Replace a Horn in a Honda CR-V

by Editorial Team

The Honda CR-V is a compact Sport Utility Vehicle manufactured since 1996. Many Honda CR-V enthusiasts are dissatisfied with the sound of the original equipment manufacturer's horn and choose to replace it. This is a fairly straightforward task; you'll need only a few tools to complete the job.

Step 1

Buy a horn kit for the Honda CR-V. It has a low tone and a high tone horn so the factory replacement kit should have two horns. Be sure the new horn has the correct tone if you are only replacing one horn.

Step 2

Locate the horns. You can find the original manufacturer's horns for the Honda CR-V by raising the hood and looking at the front. There should be one horn on each side of the license plate behind the bumper.

Step 3

Remove the mounting bolts with a socket wrench and disconnect the power connector from the horn. You should now be able to remove the original horn. Repeat this step for the horn on the other side.

Step 4

Mount the new horn using the nuts and washers that came in the kit. You should be able to simply mount the new horns in the old brackets and use the original wiring harness if your kit is a direct factory replacement. Otherwise, you may need to attach the original wiring to the new wiring harness with a wire crimper/stripper.

Step 5

Test the new horns to ensure they work. It should be easy to determine if both are working because the horns have different tones.

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