How to Disconnect a Car Horn

by Kevin Ann Reinhart
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There is nothing quite as embarrassing for the owner or as annoying to the passer by as a car horn that will not stop blaring. The fix is not always immediate and the sound seems to go on forever while the car owner frantically searches for a solution to the problem. It is wise to take some temporary measures to silence the car horn until you can diagnose the problem and find a permanent solution.

Step 1

Depress the area on the steering wheel that activates the horn. If the horn switch is stuck, pressing or tapping a few times might fix the problem.

Step 2

Turn off the engine. Locate the fuse box and look for the circuit descriptions to find which fuse operates the horn. Your owner's manual may be helpful here if you have it close at hand. Pull the fuse to silence the horn.

Step 3

Open the car hood and search for the horn. If the wires leading to the rear of the horn are accessible, use an adjustable wrench to disconnect them or wire snips to cut one of the wires. If a wire must be cut, wrap the severed ends with electrical tape to prevent shorting out your car's electrical system.

Step 4

Use an adjustable wrench to disconnect the main wires that run to your battery. The horn will stop sounding. Reconnect the wires. If the horn begins sounding again, you may need to cut one of the wires as discussed in Step 3. If the horn was silenced by the disconnect and seems fine after the reconnect, your horn may have been reset by the power interruption.

Step 5

Take your car to an auto repair shop to replace or repair your car horn in order to provide a more permanent solution to the problem.

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