How to Replace a Horn in a Pontiac Grand Am

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The Grand Am is a marketing name used by Pontiac for five different cars made from 1973 to 2005. Many Pontiac Grand Am enthusiasts are dissatisfied with the sound of the original equipment manufacturer's horn and choose to replace it. This is a fairly straightforward task; you'll need only a few basic tools to complete the job.

Buy a horn kit. The Pontiac Grand Am has one low tone and one high tone horn so a factory replacement kit should include both horns. Make sure the new horn has the correct tone if you are only replacing one horn.

Locate the horns. Models built after 1998 will have the horn in the front bumper on the passenger side. The horns for a pre-1999 Pontiac Grand Am should be underneath the battery tray. Use a socket wrench to loosen the battery cables and the bolt that holds the battery tray to the car. Remove the battery and tray.

Remove the single mounting bolt that attaches the horns to a bracket with a socket wrench and unplug the power connectors from both horns. Take out the original horns.

Plug in the power connectors to the new horn using the original harness, if possible. If it is not compatible with the new horns, you will need to connect the original wiring to the new harnesses using a wire crimper/stripper. Mount the new horns using the nuts and washers that came in the kit. Bolt the horns to the original holes if possible.

Test the new horns to ensure they work.

Re-install the battery and tray by reversing Step 2.

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