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How to Replace a Horn in a Chrysler Sebring

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The Chrysler Sebring may be a convertible, coupe and sedan. Although they have the same name they do not share components. Both the sedan and convertible are still in production, but they have both been substantially updated several times. Many Chrysler Sebring enthusiasts wish to replace the original equipment manufacturer's horn with factory replacements or aftermarket horns.

Buy a horn kit. Direct replacement kits for the Sebring models will have only one horn but many aftermarket kits consist of two horns.

Locate the original manufacturer's horn which is behind the passenger front bumper, near the fog light. Unplug the power connector from the horn and remove the mounting bolt with a socket wrench. You should now be able to remove the original horn.

Mount the new horn using accessories in the kit, if possible. If your kit has two horns (a low tone and a high tone), you will need to bolt them to a secure location with minimal vibration.

Connect the original wiring harness to the new horn if possible. Otherwise, you will need to connect the new wiring harness to your car's wiring using a wire crimper/stripper. If you are installing two horns, you will need to use your crimper/stripper and 16-gauge wire to split the original wiring into two pairs and connect each pair to a horn.

Test the new horn to ensure it works. If you are installing two horns, you may need test them one at a time.

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