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How to Replace a Horn in a Chevy Cobalt

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The Chevy Cobalt is a compact car manufactured by Chevrolet beginning in 2004. The Original Equipment Manufacturer horn is an item that enthusiasts frequently replace with a much louder aftermarket horn in a Chevy Cobalt. This is a simple procedure; you'll need just a few tools.

Remove the screws from the driver's side headlight with a Phillips screwdriver and take out the headlight. The exact location and types of screws vary by year.

Locate the original manufacturer's horn. The Chevy Cobalt has a single horn located under the driver's side headlight bracket and frame. It is in the gap in front of the wheel well and behind the front fascia.

Disconnect the power connector from the horn, take out the mounting bolt with an 8mm socket wrench and remove the original horn. Most aftermarket horn kits use two horns so you will not be able to use the original mounting location. Find a sturdy location with minimal vibration and mount the horns with a fastener that is 8mm or smaller.

Splice the original pair of wires to the two horns using a wire crimper/stripper according to the instructions for the new horns. The kit should include the connectors that you will need. Generally, you will splice a Y connection to the original pair of wires to produce two pairs of wires. Each pair will then connect to one of the new horns.

Test the new horns to ensure they work.

Re-install the driver's side headlight by reversing the procedure you used in Step 1.

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