How to Replace a Honda Odyssey Brake Light

by Russell Wood

Brake lights occasionally burn out just like any other incandescent bulb. It's inconvenient for sure; fortunately, changing the bulb is easy. Car manufacturers understand that certain maintenance issues should be simple to fix, so they make the job that much easier. In the case of the Honda Odyssey, installing a new brake light is a simple process that should take about 5 minutes to do. Better yet, it doesn't even require tools to do it.

Step 1

Open the hatch of the minivan and locate the light access panel. It's on the inside of the door, just behind the stock taillights.

Step 2

Unscrew the retaining screw that holds the access panel cover to the interior. Turn it to the left to pull off the panel.

Step 3

Twist out the lightbulb you need to replace. For a visual inspection, look at the bulb to see whether any of the filaments inside are burned out or no longer connected.

Step 4

Twist out the bulb using your hands. This should be easy to do and requires just a small twist.

Step 5

Twist in the new bulb, pushing in as you twist to lock it in place.

Step 6

Reinstall the bulb socket into the light, close the access door and close the hatch. Test the lights to make sure that everything works correctly.

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