How to Remove the Headlight on a Mercedes SLK-320

by Cameron Easey

Removing the headlight from your Mercedes SLK-320 is necessary when the bulb is burned out and needs replacing. To do this you will need to access the socket that is attached to the rear of the headlight assembly. On this model of vehicle you are able to remove the headlight bulb without the use of any special type of tool.

Step 1

Turn off the car, if it is currently running.

Step 2

Pull the hood release lever. Open the hood and set the support bar.

Step 3

Locate the headlight with the burned-out bulb. Push the locking tab down that is located at the end of the headlight cover.

Step 4

Pull the headlight out to access the electrical connectors. Pull off the electrical connectors for the low beam and high beam bulbs.

Step 5

Turn the clamping ring counterclockwise or to the left. This will disengage the ring from the headlight assembly.

Step 6

Pull the socket, with the low beam bulb and high beam bulbs attached, out of the headlight assembly.

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