How to Replace a Headlight Bulb in a BMW

by Alibaster Smith
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The headlight bulbs in BMWs are high-intensity discharge headlights. Also called HID headlights, these headlights have superior lighting performance over traditional halogen bulbs. HID headlights use xenon gas to emit a bright light that ranges from 4000K to 12000K in brightness. Most BMWs use an 8000K to 10000K brightness bulb. Purchase replacement headlights for your BMW from any auto parts store that carries high intensity discharge headlights.

Step 1

Open the hood and unplug the HID power connector from the back of the HID ballast on back of the headlight housing assembly.

Step 2

Pry the rubber dust cover off the back of the headlight housing assembly with your fingers.

Step 3

Turn the headlight collar counterclockwise 1/4 turn and pull it straight out of the headlight housing.

Step 4

Slide the new HID headlight into the housing. Align the tabs on the collar with the notches in the headlight housing.

Step 5

Turn the headlight clockwise to lock it into the housing.

Step 6

Slide the dust cover back over the back of the headlight housing.

Step 7

Reconnect the power connector to the back of the headlight.

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