How to Replace the Front Signal Lights in a Ford Taurus

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Other drivers can't read your mind so if your turning signal lights are out, you aren't driving as safe as you should be. Replacing the signal bulb in a Ford Taurus is a do-it-yourself job that only takes a short time to complete and get you safely back on the road.

Check to make sure that the headlights and turn signals are switched to the off position. Lift the hood of the engine. Find the one bolt that is holding the entire headlight housing cover to the outside front of the car. The bolt will be just above the lights on the inside of the engine compartment. Remove the bolt with a wrench.

Locate the two retainer pins that are still holding the headlight cover in place. They are also above the cover near the back. Pry these up with your hands or a flat screwdriver and set them aside. Pull the headlight cover straight out, but not so far that you pull the electrical wires out.

Rotate the bulb electrical socket. It is the electrical connector that is nearest to the outside of the headlight housing cover. Turn it in a counter clockwise rotation until you can take it out easily.

Pull the turn signal bulb straight out of connector. Throw it away. Push in a new turn signal light bulb. Use bulb number 3457AK in amber for the Taurus. These can be found at any auto parts store.

Twist the socket clockwise back into the headlight housing assembly. Place the headlight cover back onto the car. Hold it there while you put the headlamp assembly snugly against the vehicle and install the retainer pins back in place. Reinsert the bolt and test the turn signal lights to make sure they work.

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