How to Replace the Front Grille on a Nissan Xterra

by Carl Pruit

The front grille of your Nissan Xterra can become faded or damaged over time and will need to be replaced to keep your vehicle looking good. The front grille is attached to the frame with plastic rivets and clips, allowing the part to be replaced easily. You can replace the front grille yourself and save time and money in the process.


Locate the six plastic pop rivets on the top of the Nissan Xterra's front grille and pry up on the rivets with a small, flat head screwdriver to detach them from the vehicle's frame. Place the rivets off to the side.

Pull the grille assembly toward you just enough to see the plastic locking tabs at the bottom of the front grille. Unfasten the locking tabs with the screwdriver and lift the grille up to detach it from the vehicle's frame.

Remove the front grille from the vehicle's frame and unfasten the four clips on the back that secure the Nissan emblem to the grille with the screwdriver.

Take the Nissan emblem off the front grille and set the grille out of the way.


Press the Nissan emblem into the slots in the center of the new grille to attach the emblem then position the grille onto the front of the vehicle.

Slide the tabs at the bottom of the new grille into the plastic clips on the vehicle's frame and press down until they lock into position.

Connect the new front grille to the vehicle's frame with the plastic pop rivets. Use a rubber mallet to gently drive the rivets into the plastic connectors on your Nissan Xterra.


  • check If the plastic pop rivets become damaged when you remove them, you can find replacement rivets at your local automotive supply store.


  • close Always set the parking brake of your Nissan Xterra to prevent it from moving while you are replacing the front grille.

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