How to Replace Front Bumper Cover Toyota

by Cameron Easey

Replacing the front bumper cover on your Toyota is a task that you can complete to upgrade the look of your vehicle. This will require removing the plastic clips and screws that are used to secure it to the inner bumper. You can also replace the bumper cover when it is cracked or has been damaged. Learning how to replace the front bumper cover will allow you to make changes and fix your vehicle in the future.

Remove Bumper Cover


Locate the two screws that are securing the outer bumper cover to the frame, inside each fender well at the front of the vehicle. Remove the screws from the fender well on one side of the vehicle. Remove the screws from the other fender well.


Locate the plastic clips that are behind the surround on the grill, if applicable for your vehicle. There should be two clips on each side of the surround and one in the middle. Pop the plastic clips out with the flat-head screwdriver.


Look under the front bumper cover to find the screws that are used to secure the bottom of the cover to the inner bumper. Remove all of the screws that are under the front bumper cover with the screwdriver.


Examine around the bottom of the front fender cover and look for any additional screws that you may have missed. Remove them with the screwdriver.


Pry on one side of the bumper cover with the pry bar to separate it from the inner bumper. Repeat this step on the other side of the vehicle and then pull the bumper cover off of the vehicle.

Install New Bumper Cover


Attach the new bumper cover to the inner bumper. Push on the grill surround to engage the plastic clips.


Insert a screw into the screw hole in one of the fender wells and tighten it with the screwdriver. Repeat this step on the other fender well.


Secure the bottom of the new bumper cover with screws. Insert a screw into each of the screw holes and then tighten them with the screwdriver.

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