How to Replace a Ford Key Fob Battery

by Dave Baker NYC
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Remote entry access is convenient and, these days, ubiquitous on Fords. With the "panic alarm" feature, it's never been easier to locate your Ford vehicle in a crowded parking lot. Over time, however, the battery will die on your key fob, so you'll need to know how to replace the Ford key fob battery. Afterward, you should not have to reprogram the remote. The project vehicle discussed here is a 2009 Ford Explorer, but battery replacement is similar for other Ford key fobs.

Step 1

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Insert a dime or other thin object into the crack between the two halves of your Ford key fob. Turn the dime with your fingers so that it pries the remote halves apart. Try to do this gently.

Step 2

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Pull out the old battery with your hands. Don't touch the battery terminals or wipe off the lubrication on them.

Step 3

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Insert the new battery into the fob, following the placement instructions printed inside the fob.

Step 4

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Push the two halves of the fob together again until they snap back into place.

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