How to Replace a Ford Focus Antenna Base

by Alex Smith

A car's antenna is what allows it to receive radio signals. Sometimes this antenna becomes damaged or simply needs to be modified. If you have to replace the antenna base on a Ford Focus, you must do some work getting into the interior workings of the vehicle. Fortunately the designers anticipated this need and positioned the base in an easily accessible area. You can thus replace it yourself with very few tools.

Turn off the radio to avoid a shock.

Remove the antenna from the base by unscrewing it counterclockwise.

Insert a small key into the notch at the front of the interior light. Carefully pry the lighting assembly loose.

Disconnect the plug-in wires from the light.

A Phillips screwdriver is in the shape of a plus sign.

Remove the plastic light housing with a Phillips screwdriver.

Torx bits are shaped like six-sided stars.

Remove the screw holding the antenna base in position with a torx screwdriver.

Remove the old antenna base from the outside of the car and replace it with a new one.

Screw the new antenna base into place.

Screw the light housing back into place.

Reconnect the lighting wires and pop the lighting assembly back into place.

Screw the antenna into the new base by twisting it clockwise.

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