How to Replace My Dodge Ram 1500 Radio Antenna

by Gregory Crews

A faulty antenna on a Dodge Ram 1500 truck may fail to receive radio signals effectively and cause the radio to produce unclear broadcasts. Replacing the antenna is straightforward. The antenna screws on to its base, and wiring connects the antenna base to the radio.

Step 1

Purchase a replacement antenna at an automotive parts store or a Dodge dealer. Present the last eight digits of the vehicle identification number to a sales representative, who can obtain the appropriate antenna for you.

Step 2

Locate the faulty antenna, which is screwed into the base on the front right fender of the truck.

Step 3

Unscrew the bottom portion of the antenna with a pair of channel locks. Pull the used antenna off the truck.

Step 4

Screw in the new antenna by hand. Tighten the antenna with channel locks.

Step 5

Turn the radio on to ensure the antenna is receiving the desired radio stations. Change the stations to test the range of the antenna.

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