How to Connect Auxiliary Function on a 2006 Honda Ridgeline

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Some 2006 Honda Ridgeline models did not come with the auxiliary function despite having the button displayed on the radio. Honda offered the auxiliary input only on the higher-level RTL package in 2006. However, the Ridgeline radio contains the appropriate connection for an auxiliary input; you can use the factory "Aux" button to play the music from your iPod or other MP3 device.

Step 1

Unhook and isolate your negative battery cable with a pair of pliers to prevent accidental shock.

Step 2

Remove the radio surround panel. It extends from the radio to the steering column; grasp it and tug it to unhook the clips.

Step 3

Remove the five Phillips screws mounting the radio head unit and the storage tray. Pull the radio from the dash to access the rear.

Step 4

Attach the 14-pin connector to the matching slot next to the factory wiring harness. Make sure the connection is secure.

Step 5

Determine a place for the auxiliary input cable. The storage tray attached to the radio is empty; you could slide the cable into the tray from the rear. You also can route the cable through the radio cavity and into the glove box.

Step 6

Reinsert the radio into the dash. If you are routing your auxiliary cable through the storage tray, hold onto it to secure its position while mounting the radio. Replace the radio screws.

Step 7

Snap on the radio surround panel. Line up the clips on the back to the holes along the dash panel. Reconnect your negative battery cable.

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