How to Remove a Blaupunkt Stereo

by Jule Pamplin
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Items you will need

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Vehicle repair manual (specific to your vehicle)

  • Stereo removal tools

Blaupunkt manufactures a variety of car audio components, including aftermarket car stereo head units. Car owners who wish to replace or repair their stereo decks, or add aftermarket external components, will need to remove the head unit to access the stereo and antenna connections to the rear panel of the stereo. You can have a professional remove the deck for a fee, or you can do the job yourself to save time and money.

Raise the hood to access the battery. Loosen the bolt on the negative battery cable's clamp with a wrench. Lift the cable from the battery terminal and set it aside. Move to the vehicle’s interior.

Remove the dash panels and any other obstructions from the stereo mounting bracket. Consult the repair manual for instructions specific to your vehicle.

Press the faceplate release button located on the lower left corner of the Blaupunkt stereo's face. Remove the face from the stereo deck and set it aside.

Place the stereo removal tools into the holes at the bottom corners on the stereo. (These are the tools included with the stereo at purchase or perhaps later obtained from an aftermarket stereo supply outlet.) Push the devices into the deck until they lock into place. Pull the stereo from the dashboard until the wiring connection at the rear of the unit is visible.

Disconnect the two stereo wiring connectors plugged into the outlets on the left side of the stereo's rear panel. Unplug the antenna cable lead from the FM/AM antenna input on the lower right corner of the unit's back side.

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