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How to Replace the Dome Lights on a Rav4

by Harry Havemeyer

The Toyota RAV4 is a compact sport utility vehicle based on a car chassis to improve on-road handling and fuel efficiency. Toyota's RAV4 competes against vehicles such as the Honda CRV and Ford Escape. The RAV4, like most modern passenger cars, comes equipped with dome lights mounted above the front seats. These lights assist the driver or passenger in seeing items such as maps. Occasionally the lights burn out and need replacing.

Turn your Toyota RAV4 off and make sure that the dome light is not warm by letting it sit for a few minutes before doing anything.

Turn the dome light switch to the off position.

Close all doors to keep the dome light from coming on during the process of replacing it.

Insert your screwdriver between the clear dome light cover and the plastic frame surrounding it and gently pry the cover back from the assembly.

Cover the dome light bulb with a towel and twist in a counter clockwise motion to pull it loose.

Insert your new dome light bulb into the socket and twist it in a clockwise motion to secure it in the socket.

Place the clear dome light cover into the opening around the new dome light bulb. Push it firmly into place so that it is flush with the assembly.

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