How to Replace a Heater Core in a 97 Lincoln Towncar

by Daniel Valladares

The heater core in your 1997 Lincoln Town Car is the electrical device that warms up the air from the blower before it is sent out into the interior compartment of the Town Car. A faulty heater core will lead to no hot air, which can be a problem in the winter. Replacing your Town Car's heater core is an arduous task and you should expect to spend well over an hour simply accessing the heater core itself.

Open the Town Car's hood and remove the ground cable from the battery with a socket wrench. Remove the two bolts underneath the steering column and drop the entire column into the driver's seat.

Remove the kick panels from both sides of the dashboard by removing their two upper corner screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Underneath the driver's side kick panel, disconnect all four electrical wiring connectors.

Pop out the dashboard panel underneath the steering column, the panel underneath the glove compartment and the panel underneath the radio. Remove the two bolts on the right side panel and the two bolts on the left side panel with a socket wrench. Remove the two bolts along the top of the dashboard.

Disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core. Remove the vacuum line and remove the two screws securing the heater core with a socket wrench. Disconnect the heater core's electrical wiring connection and pull the heater core out of the Town Car.

Install the replacement heater core and secure it by reinstalling the two screws. Reattach the heater hoses and the vacuum line, and reattach the dashboard. Reconnect the battery.

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